As a practicing clinician and Founder of Medical Minds In Motion, I too have to take continuing education!  I take CEU’s because I want to and I am very selective as to the courses I take as my “free time” is minimal to say the least.

This past weekend I went to Toronto (Cassie tagged along to experience some fine Canadian air) and took the Level 1 course of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy…

Before I go any further…  I need to give you some back story as to how this all came about.  Cassie, my wife has been battling some significant health issues for the last 10+ years.  She suffers from multiple Auto Immune disorders such as Hashimoto Thyroiditis, Vitiligo and others.  For the longest time she has felt constantly like she has been run over by a Mac truck and CRASHED every single day around the middle of the afternoon.  She went through long bouts of not being able to play with our son the way she wants, enjoy time with me, or do the things she loves such as lift heavy and bend steel…  She has been told over and over again by traditional practitioners that she’s “subclinical” and its all likely just in her head.  There have been very few individuals who have actually helped her from a traditional stand point (Jess LaPlante, FNP in North Idaho is the one who got us going the right direction).  When I say that Cassie has been miserable for the last 10 years, that is the understatement of the century.

It came time to look into doing some crazy stuff – because, well, nothing else has worked… We reached out to a good friend, Perry Nickelston and asked him for help…  That’s where the ANF disc treatments started, and we saw immediate and I mean immediate results in Cassie just from putting sticky discs on her skin??  Say what again?  (I’ll explain what I have learned shortly). Her energy changed, her skin tone changed, and she had a life again…  It sounds super drastic and made up, but it’s the truth.. It really was that drastic…  We have now been through 5 rounds of treatment and she continues to make progress…  That’s what makes me happy… My wife and the mother of my son is starting to feel better for the first time in over a decade…

Ok- Enough of the back story… Let’s get into the meat of this post… The review…

The ANF Level 1 Course is mostly focused on treatment of the musculoskeletal system and specifically helping with Pain and Inflammation.  Let me also be clear- while I am starting to understand more – these comments are MY interpretation of the system, the theory and the practicality of it.  I walked in on Day 1 with an open, yet skeptical mind. I didn’t want to start closed off and didn’t want to start a course being unwilling to listen and learn.


What I gathered and I mostly agree with the following information:

The body is full of energy…  Well shit, everything is full of energy.  Every substance has it’s frequency (Hz) and that there are thousands of different frequencies in the human body.  The theory is that the different discs which have flexible carbon metal built in have varying frequencies meant to target different systems/structures/etc.  I do not know how these discs hold their frequencies nor do I know how they are “built”.


  • I’ve personally dealt with general LBP for a long time and haven’t touched my toes in about 20 years…  A few discs for pain and inflammation and I immediately touched my toes and improved my squat depth.  I might not understand exactly what happened, but I saw immediate results.  Now with that being said, carryover will come from adding in the rest of our treatment approach.
  • Every single patient that came in got results.  Some more than others…  I won’t go into specific cases right now, but I physically saw changes in objective tests and measures pre and post treatment.


  • This is was taught to us as an adjunct to the rest of our treatments and was not meant to replace.
  • At least two patients every hour came in for us to learn with.  Real world experiences and not just us playing on each other.
  • The class size… Only 15 spots for 2 instructors.  There was a waiting list for seats in the class but they were unwilling to go more than 15 people.  This kept the class intimate and allowed for each person to ask questions and get some good practice in.
  • Review of Anatomy and especially lymphatic system.  This was a good opportunity for me to review the Lymphatic system along with various pathways of the gut, circulatory system, nervous system, etc.
  • Practicality:  I don’t want to say it was “easy” but the instructors did an excellent job relaying the information.
  • NOBODY ever claimed they could “cure” anything”. It was all about helping the body heal and direct it towards better health.
  • We as clinicians very frequently forget how important the lymphatic system is for everything.


  • How do we know what structure/system/cell/etc of the human body is what frequency?
  • How are the discs created and how do they hold their energy?
  • What type of research was done specifically to develop treatment protocols?


  • I would have liked more background of ANF and I would have liked getting a better grasp of the creation and production of the discs along with the historical perspective of how this all came about.  With that being said, I have not finished going through the 1,000 PPT slides, so this may come at some point…
  • It would have been nice to be spaced out a bit more- 2-3 patients are the same time with 5-7 clinicians per patient got a bit hectic and my ADD had me spinning a bit while trying to process in my head.
  • What are the plans for the future of ANF?  Will their be any studies done looking at short term and long term results as compared to other treatments?
  • I would personally prefer a bit less “this works for everything” instead having a bit more “well, we have seen this work for situation X because of XYZ…  I am not saying this is right or wrong, but that would just be my preference.

With all of that being said, yes I will continue down this path to learn more about ANF and learn more about how it can help Cassie, myself, my friends and family and patients.  Will I use this as a stand alone treatment? No.  Will I use this for every person? No.  Will I continue to keep an open mind, look for more information, try to understand better and still ask questions?  Yes.

If you want more info direct from the horses mouth, you can find it at:


Rick Daigle, PT, DPT, CF-1