Certification courses empower clinicians with an in depth understanding and enhanced knowledge to not only improve patient care but differentiate themselves from their peers. Unlike other programs, our certification courses are hybrid-based learning, using online lecture and live instruction.  Each comprehensive certification consists of a video-based prerequisite of online content and quiz, laying the foundation for the live hands-on lab course. Wrapping up the two-day live course, students are evaluated onsite to ensure mastery and safety of learned techniques.   Individuals who successfully complete all required elements of the course will be certified as a Level 1 practitioner.  

MMIM currently offers four relevant certification programs. Find yours today! See below for details

IASTM: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (STMT-1)
Manual Therapy Certification

  • Universal techniques that can be used with the majority of tools
  • Multiple IASTM Tool options provided at the live seminar for practice
  • Utilize biomechanics and neuroscience to develop evidence-informed treatment strategies
  • Lab based seminar with hands-on coursework throughout both days
  • Learn how to combine IASTM with Corrective Exercise and Kinesiology Tape

IASTM: Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization STMT-C
Soft Tissue Manual Tool & Cupping Certification

  • Effectively utilize IASTM during assessment of movement disorders
  • Immediately improve your client’s functional movement using advanced manual therapy techniques for soft tissue and joint restrictions.
  • Identify easy-to use manual IASTM and Cupping techniques to supplement
  • mobilization/manipulation techniques
  • Hands-on Labs to improve your manual therapy techniques for the upper and lower quadrant