MMIM Neuromuscular Dry Needling: Policies and Procedures

Fundamentals of Neuromuscular Dry Needling Level 1
Advanced Neuromuscular Dry Needling Level 2

Section 1: Who Can Attend?

  • Primarily PT’s but open to any professional who is allowed to Dry Needle by their state board.  Medical Minds in Motion is not a board authority; therefore, it is up to the individual attendee to verify if they are allowed to use Dry Needling in their state.  Medical Minds will provide resources to help attendees find the appropriate information, but strongly suggests individuals call their state board to clarify rules and requirements.
  • MMIM Will verify licensure of all registered participants.  Practice license information must be provided at registration.

Section 2: Course Progression to Full Certification

  • Medical Minds in Motion will offer two levels of Dry Needling Education equaling 50 hours of live education.  Some pre-course reading/online education will be required, but the 50 hours of live education will satisfy most state board education requirements. It is the responsibility of the individual clinician to understand their regulatory board rules and guidelines.
  • Participants must complete Level 1 prior to taking Level 2. Individuals must submit their log of 200 treatment sessions prior to the start of level 2.  If you have previous needling experience and would like to just take Level 2 please contact Rick Daigle at Medical Minds in Motion and we’ll determine on a case by case scenario.  Email:

Section 3: Certification Requirements

Level 1 Certification:

  • Successful completion of all 25 live hours and pre-course material
  • Pass the written test and lab assessment: Must have 75% score on each test and demonstrate proper safety at all times
  • Designation: Level 1 – “MMDN-1”

Level 2 Certification:

  • Pass the written test and lab assessment of Level 1.
  • Documentation and submission to MMIM of treatment log showing 200 treatment sessions prior to Level 2.
  • Successful completion of all 25 live hours and pre-course material for level 2.
  • Pass the written test and lab assessment: Must have 75% score on each test and demonstrate proper safety at all times
  • Designation: Level 2: “MMDN-C”

Section 4: Post-Course Access to Instructors/Information

  • All attendees will receive the instructor and lab assistants direct email address for communication and mentorship
  • All attendees will receive an invitation to a private group on FB for discussion and collaboration between instructors and other participants.
  • Attendees will receive periodic updates on course content and any important news regarding dry needling

Section 5: Course Materials

  • Pre-Course content, course manual and any other associated documents will be provided 30 days prior to the seminar
  • All necessary course materials (needles, gloves, etc.) will be provided at the seminar
  • It is recommended that individuals bring the following items with them to the seminar
    • Anatomy Atlas of their choice (Trail Guide for the Body is one example)
    • Anatomy App for smart phone or tablet of your choice
    • If you have a latex allergy, bring latex free gloves though we will have some
    • Portable electric stim unit with alligator clips though we will have a limited amount at the course.

Section 6: Waivers and Consent

  • All participants will be required to consent to and sign a waiver of liability form in order to participate.
  • It is important that the course participants gain a full understanding of DN from both the clinician and patient point of view.  With this in mind, participants will be both practicing the techniques and experiencing them during the live portion.  If there is a reason you cannot have needling performed on you, please contact MMIM prior to the course.
    • Women who are pregnant will not be allowed to have needling performed on them due to contraindications.  You will still be allowed to take the course, just not experience the needling techniques.
    • Any individuals with recent surgical procedures or any other medical issues that precludes them from being needled please notify us prior to the class.
    • Any other circumstances where dry needling is contraindicated.
  • Attendees will be provided a sample “Consent to Treat” form at the end of the course that they can use in their clinical practice.
Level 1: Complete course syllabus for Fundamentals
Level 2: Complete course syllabus for Advanced